OnixGRIP, owned by Dynamic Retail Promotions, Inc., is a company that has been selling attachable accessories via retail demonstrations over the last 4+ years. We have reached millions of dollars worth of sales, selling iGripz accessories to 100,000's of customers. In order to stay competitive, Dynamic Promotions has created a whole new brand of accessories called OnixGRIP, (OnixSOLO, OnixEDGE, OnixDUO, and OnixMAX).

Every OnixGRIP product contains the main component, which is the SOLO ring that functions as a Secure Grip, Kickstand, and Mounted/Hanging option. But we have added a magnetic function and a cardholder with RFID protection which is like nothing on the market right now. The product is designed for anyone, but primarily for the serious and more professional users.

OnixGRIP is like no other ring for your device. Once you use it, you will never want to mess around with any other attachable accessory ever again. And you certainly won't want to go back to using your pinky finger to hold your phone unsecured.