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With our OnixEDGE, OnixDUO, and OnixMAX collections, you have the option to swap out your design. With the state of the art “cookie and plate” swapping technology, just twist the OnixGRIP off the “cookie” mechanism attached to your phone. Then attach your OnixEDGE with the plate attachment. Don’t compromise fashion with something you use every day.

  • Enables wireless charging compatible 
  • Lock-in by rotating clockwise 
  • Swap out by rotating counter-clockwise 

**VERY IMPORTANT NOTE**  You MUST use the round adhesive on the OnixCLIP cookie piece that is designed specifically for the piece.  Please do not try to cut your own round piece from another adhesive material.  It must be a certain thickness for the OnixCLIP to lock in properly.

Watch This Video to attach the OnixCLIP to your OnixEDGE



Dynamic Promotions, Inc. is the manufacturer and distributor of the OnixGRIP line of products. We are committed to providing outstanding and innovative cell phone accessories at a great value and we stand behind every purchase with our UNCONDITIONAL 100% GUARANTEE.

Should your original product purchase ever become damaged or defective in any way, we will gladly replace your product.  You must be ready to provide a photo or short video of the damaged product to back up your broken claim.  To begin the process please follow these steps:

Step 1: Click here to Register for your Guarantee

Step 2: Upon completion of your registration, you will receive a confirmation email with additional directions. 

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Your image or video will be reviewed by our support team in the order it was received. Upon approval you will receive an email with instruction on how to replace your item (which will include a grand total of $9.99 shipping and handling for SOLO Ring & EDGE Replacements and $12.99 shipping & handling for DUO & MAX Replacements*).  

Please Note:

If a product is defective and breaks within 30 days of purchase, we will waive the shipping and handling fee. Proof of purchase is also required. Upload your receipt for approval.

The guarantee is for a one time replacement for the original purchase of your product, not to be used continuously on an item that has already been replaced.

Shipping & Handling will increase for international shipments.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Rafael Zamot
great product

love it works well

Drew Chapman
Swapping clip

Love this versatile way to bring you wallet or just remove it and replace it with a ring. Love this product

Tari Rubenstein

I LOVE my onix edge!!! It's easier to hold on to and I love that it can be vertical or horizontal view in a snap. The magnet attachments are great in the kitchen for viewing recipies AND in the bathroom on the mirror! There is somewhat of a learning curve for getting on your phone. Don't give up. Support is GREAT!!

Audra G. Keele
Dropped my phone

My phone dropped recently because the OnixCLIP was loose and inadvertently turned clockwise on the base attached to my phone.

Hi Audra, Sorry to hear this happened to you. This definitely should never happen using the OnixCLIP. First off, it is very important to make sure the clip on the back of your phone is tight and does NOT turn easily from the beginning. If it does, it is caused by one of two things that will contribute to this happening. Either you must only use one layer of adhesive to stick the cookie piece to your phone/case. If you apply extra adhesive on top of the existing adhesive to maybe help it stick better, this will cause the OnixCLIP to be very loose. We will provide a stronger red 3m VHB adhesive disk which you can use instead if the white 3M adhesive is not sticking to your phone/case. Also, at no additional charge to you, we will send you a few round metal plates which you can add to the underneath of the OnixPLATE, in the middle of the circle, which will then create additional tension. With these additions, this will not happen again. If ever it feels loose, please let us know and we will fix the issue immediately. The OnixCLIP should never be loose. Hopefully once you receive the metal discs, you will see a difference and change to a 5 star rating. Thank you PLEASE NOTE** All future shipments of the OnixCLIP will include these extra reinforced pieces.

Nice gadgets

Hi, thanks for the demo! Question, he mentioned 1 1/4" from bottom edge for placement of the cookie, etc. The demo shows 1 1/8" based on the ruler measurement (32nd inch scale). Which one is it?

Keep rockin'. Thx G


We are sorry for the confusion.

We have 2 different videos for installing the CLIP depending on how you received it (if the CLIP was already installed on the EDGE or it came seperately). If you go to the EDGE CLIP page (https://onixgrip.com/products/onixclip-swapping-kit) the videos are at the bottom right. If the video does not answer your question, please let us know.

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